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Summerfield Delphiniums

Here we show delphiniums that we have raised, named and introduced. There are some notes on the parentage of each variety, notes on their growth characteristics and pictures. It is very difficult to get pictures that faithfully represent the colours of the flowers but we hope the pictures included give some idea.

We also include a section describing the Delphinium Trials held at the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden at Wisley, Surrey, where the merits of Summerfield delphiniums for garden display and exhibition have been assessed alongside delphiniums from other raisers.


Group1 Violet or Blue Flowers

Emily Hawkins, Giotto, Summerfield Viking, Galileo

Group2 Dusky Pink or Cream Flowers

Rosemary Brock, Summerfield Miranda, Summerfield Diana, Summerfield Sovereign


Group 3 Purple Flowers

Summerfield Oberon, Summerfield Marjorie, Summerfield Victoria


Group 4 White flowers

Lilian Bassett, Summerfield Ariane, Blackberry Ice

Group 5 Delphinium Trials at R.H.S. Garden

Trials at Wisley Gardens that include Summerfield delphiniums

Commercial Availability of these Delphiniums

We are not a nursery business and we do not sell delphiniums ourselves. In order to make our delphiniums available, they are released when we have sufficient stock through a commercial nursery that specialises in delphiniums. Not all the cultivars listed above have been released and some are unlikely to be released.

Several Summerfield Delphinium varieties are available from John Barrington, Newport Mills Farm, Wrantage, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 6DJ, UK.

'Rosemary Brock' is also available from Blackmore & Langdon, Pensford, Bristol, BS18 4JL, UK.

Please note that Summerfield Delphiniiums are available in Britain only. Plant health regulations and other difficulties in exporting plants mean that no nurseries are currently willing to send delphinium plants overseas.


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