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Delphiniums from Seed 2011

Seeds available from Commercial Sources


This section summarises Delphinium seeds likely to be of particular interest to discerning gardeners who wish to obtain delphiniums of high quality, such as 'Centurion Sky Blue' shown in the picture here, or to try out novelties. It is restricted to suppliers to amateur gardeners in the UK. It makes no attempt to cover seeds of strains such as Pacific Hybrids or Magic Fountains, which are very widely available.

The List is based on the seedsman's Catalogues for 2011. Each entry gives the catalogue number and price of the item with a brief description. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of claims made in respect of any item as the only way to verify them is to grow the seeds for yourself. There seems to have been a considerable reduction in the range of seed selections listed in Seed Catalogues following changes in the ownership of companies selling seeds to amateur gardeners. It is possible that other seed selections are offered online.

It is worth noting that some of the seed selections listed here were included in the Trial of Delphiniums from Seed at the RHS Garden, Wisley, Surrey that flowered during June 2008. These are indicated by *

F1 or possibly F2 hybrid Strains

Thompson & Morgan (UK) Ltd., Poplar Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3BU, UK. Order online at

Strain Description Packet Price Cat No.

*Centurion Rose

F1 Hybrid. Robust flower spikes with mid-rose pink flowers that have a white eye.

20 seeds


GAA 4585

Centurion Lilac Blue Bicolor

F1 Hybrid, with long spikes of flowers that have lilac and blue sepals and a white eye, similar in style to 'Spindrift'

12 Seeds


GAA 8260

*Green Twist From New Zealand breeder, Terry Dowdeswell, the strong plants produce tall spires of flowers in a blend of creamy white with green streaks. Some flowers eyeless. 8 seeds 4.99 GAA 4476
*Pagan Purples Outstanding flower spike with fully double forets. On Special Offer in 2011 8 seeds 1.49 GAT 7367
New Zealand Hybrids Strong flower spikes with evenly spaced florets. Disease resistant to both powdery mildew and black spot(?). Bright blues, soft pinks and the purest whites. 12 seeds 3.99 GAA 6572

New Zealand Doubles Mixed

Eyeless double flowers in a wide colour range on regular spikes

10 seeds

4.99 GAA 2920
Pagan Purples N.Z Hybrids

Green Twist

Another interesting delphinium from T&M worth trying is Larkspur (Delphinium) chinense 'Gentian Blue' GAA7239 1.89, which provides brilliant deep blue flowers on dwarf plants when grown as an annual.(The picture in the 2011catalogue is of a D. elatum cultivar, not of D. chinense.)

T&M have some of the above delphiniums available as plants but please check the T&M website for details as there are deadlines for ordering.


Plants of Distinction, Abacus House, Station Yard, Needham Market, Suffolk, IP6 8AS. Tel: (01449) 721720 Web site:

Distant Memories Bold strong colours, with resilient stems 50 Seeds 2.65 1415

Centurion Mixed F1

Ramrod spikes in a full range of Stunning colours

20 Seeds



*Centurion Gentian Blue F1

Gentian blue flowers with black eyes

10 Seeds



*Centurion Sky Blue F1 Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner and AGM in the Wisley Trial in 2008. Powder blue flowers with white 'bees'. 5ft. 10 Seeds



*Centurion Royal Purple F1

Not available in2011


*Centurion Lavender F1

Magnificent show quality spikes in lavender shades similar to Gillian Dallas

10 Seeds




A mid to powder blue bicolour with an unusual sky blue eye.

15 Seeds



*Double Blue Lace

A New Millenium Delphinium Series providing double flowers in deep powder blue

10 Seeds



*Green Twist

Stately spikes of open-centred white flowers on plants of medium height

10 Seeds



*Purple Passion Large, flat florets in brilliant deep purple enhanced by a white ey with some purple flecks, Stems generally slender and tough 10 Seeds 3.95 1432


AGM in the Wisley Trial in 2008, this New Millenium Series provides large flowers in dusky pink shades

10 Seeds



Red Fox An improved selection of dwarf red Delphinium nudicaule introduced by Benary. An ideal patio plant 50 seeds 2.30 1427


Mr Fothergills' Seeds, Kentford, Suffolk, CB8 7QB. Order online at A restricted list of delphiniums.

Dreaming Spires F2 Not available in 2011      
*Rosy Future F2 Mulberry rose and pink with both light and dark bees 25 seeds 2.15 15273
'High Society Mixed' 'New & Exclusive' !! The tall large-flowered spikes provide a wide range of colours for the border 25 Seeds 2.89 19190


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